Jean-Pierre Barricelli Book Prize

The International Conference on Romanticism established its prize for the year’s best book in Romanticism studies for the purpose of recognizing exceptional, even ground breaking work in the discipline. Named after internationally renowned teacher and scholar Jean-Pierre Barricelli, the prize is vetted by scholars from around the world. Nominations from scholarly presses are solicited, and could represent a wide range of .studies, including new interpretations of the movement as a whole, interdisciplinary views, work on individual authors, and so on. Please send one copy of each book nominated to:

Larry H. Peer, Executive Director
International Conference on Romanticism
Barricelli Book Prize Committee
Comparative Literature
3023 JFSB – BYU
Provo, UT 843602-6702

Barricelli Book Prize Winners

2019-Robert Brandom, A Spirit of Trust: A Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology (Harvard UP)

2018- Richard C. Sha, Imagination and Science in Romanticism (Johns Hopkins UP)

2017- no award given

2016- Jon Klancher, Transfiguring the Arts and Sciences (Cambridge UP)

2015- Peter Gay, Why The Romantics Matter (Yale UP)

2014- Catriona Macleod, Fugitive Objects (Northwestern UP)

2013- Nancy Yousef, Romantic Intimacy (Stanford UP)

2012- Martin Geck, Robert Schumann (U of Chicago P)

2011- Orrin N.C. Wang, Romantic Sobriety: Sensation, Revolution, Commodification, History (Johns Hopkins UP)

2010- Award Shared by:

Eugene Stelzig, Henry Crabb Robinson in Germany (Bucknell UP)
Stephen Prickett, European Romanticism: A Reader (Continuum)

2009- Alexander Schlutz, Mind’s World: Imagination and Subjectivity from Descartes to Romanticism (U of Washington P)

2008- James H. Donelan, Poetry and the Romantic Musical Aesthetic (Cambridge UP)

2007- Melissa Frazier, Romantic Encounters: Writers, Readers, and the “Library for Reading” (Stanford UP)

2006- Award Shared by:

Leon Chai, Romantic Theory: Forms or Reflexivity in the Revolutionary Era (Johns Hopkins UP)
James O’Rourke, Sex, Lies and Autobiography: The Ethics of Confession (U of Virginia P)
Larry H. Peer and Diane Long Hoeveler, Romanticism: Comparative Discourses (Ashgate)

2005- Kari Lokke, Tracing Women’s Romanticism: Gender, History, and Transcendence (Routledge)

2004- Theodore Ziolkowski, Clio the Romantic Muse: Historicizing the Faculties in Germany (Cornell UP)

2003- Paul Hamilton, Metaromanticism: Aesthetics, Literature, Theory (U of Chicago P)

2002- Ian Balfour, The Rhetoric of Romantic Prophecy (Stanford UP)

2001- Ann Rigney, Imperfect Histories (Cornell UP)

2000- Joshua Wilner, Feeding on Infinity: Readings in the Romantic Rhetoric of Internalization (Johns Hopkins UP)

1999– no award given

1998- Award Shared by:

Richard Eldridge, Leading a Human Life:Wittgenstein, Intentionality and Romanticism (U of Chicago P)
Kenneth R. Johnston, The Hidden Wordsworth; Poet, Lover, Rebel, Spy (Norton)

1997- Susan J. Wolfson, Formal Charges: The Shaping of Poetry in British Romanticism, (Stanford UP)

1996- Frederick Burwick, Poetic Madness and the Romantic Imagination,(Pennsylvania State UP)

1995- Joycelyne Kolb, The Ambiguity of Taste: Freedom and Food in European Romanticism (U of Michigan P)

1994- Alan Richardson, Literature, Education, and Romanticism: Reading as Social Practice 1780-1832 (Cambridge UP)

1993- David Simpson, Romanticism, Nationalism and the Revolt Against Theory, (U of Chicago P)