ICR on the Norwegian Fjords.

Greetings, and welcome to the homepage of the International Conference on Romanticism. On behalf of the Executive Director and the Advisory Board I invite you to join this organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary and cross-linguistic study of Romanticism. We conceive of Romanticism as a truly international phenomenon, and welcome a broad range of approaches to its study. Our members pride themselves on being both scholarly and collegial, and we are especially attentive to supporting the work of young scholars. We organize yearly conferences, with our upcoming 2019 meeting, “Romanticism Now and Then,” hosted by Manchester University, England. We also sponsor more intimate colloquia: recently we have been to Athens, Greece for “Romanticism in the Mediterranean World,” and to Tromso, Norway, for “Wild Romanticism.” Other parts of the ICR website provide more detail about the history, governance, and activities of the ICR. If you would like to support this unique organization and participate in its activities, I encourage you to become a member; instructions can be found in the “For Members” tab above. The official journal of the ICR, Essays in Romanticism, comes with your membership and will keep you informed of current academic research in Romanticism studies. We look forward to seeing you in Manchester and at future ICR events.


Lloyd Davies, ICR President