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Prism(s) Volume 1 - 1993

Frederick Garber - "Assisting at the Light"

Jean-Pierre Barricelli - "Poesie and Suono: Balzac and Leopardi on Music"

Gordon K. Thomas - "Finest Orientalism, Western Sentimentalism, Proto-Zionism: The Muses of Byron's Hebrew Melodies"

Herbert M.Schueller - "Romanticism Reconsidered"

Prism(s) Vol. 2 - 1994

Peter Naccarato - "History, Technology, and the Emergence of the Romantic Subject"

Brian Gilbert Freeman - "Hegel, Walter Scott, and 'Honest Language': The Case of Rob Roy"

Georges Poulet - "Timelessness and Romanticism"

Prism(s) Volume 3 - 1995

Mark B. Ledden -"Revolutionary Plots: Helen Maria Williams's Letters From France"

Sante Matteo - "Ossian and Risorgimento: The Poetics of Nationalism"

Gene McQuillan - "Mont Blanc, Romantic Tourism, and the Legacy of Travel Writing"

Nancy L. Rosenblum - "Romantic Militarism"

Prism(s) Volume 4 - 1996

Roger Blood - "The Time of History in Bonington's Corso Sant'Anastasio"

Margaret Linley - "Sappho's Conversions in Felicia Hemans, Letitia Landon, and Christina Rossetti"

Eugene Stelzig - "'The Happy Few': Notes on Romanticism and the Aristocracy of Conciousness

Ernest Behler - "The Origins of Romantic Literary Theory"

Prism(s) Volume 5 - 1997

Chris Foss - "Prefigurations of Kristevan Psychoanalytic Theory in Shelley's Prose"

Claus Schatz-Jakobsen - "The Romanticsim(s) of Contemporary Criticism with Hartman and Wordsworth"

Paul M. Curtis - "Byron's Epistolary Wordplay"

Donald L. Fanger - "Romanticism and Comparative Literature"

Prism(s) Volume 6 - 1998

Lotte Thrane - "Read, Written, and Re-lived: Magda von Hattingbergís Readings of Rilke as Romantic Discourse"

Naji B. Oueijan - "Western Exoticism and Byronís Orientalism"

Christine Kenyon Jones - "'Man is a Carnivorous Production': Byron and The Anthropology of Food"

Adeline Johns-Putra - "Christ as Womanís Seed: Romantic Women Poets Rewriting the Bible"

Frederick Garber - "Nature and the Romantic Mind"

Prism(s) Volume 7 - 1999 - Special Issue

In Memorium, Jean-Pierre Barricelli

Franca Barricelli - "Jean-Pierre Barricelli: Life of a Scholar"

Beyond Romanticism

James A. W. Heffernen - "Literacy and Picturacy: How Do We Learn to Read Pictures?"

Eugene Eoyang - "Bada Shanren: Traditional Iconoclast and Riddler of the Past"

Gerald Gillespie - "The Music of Things and the Hieroglyphics of Family Talk in the Fictions of James Joyce"

Ray R. Fleming - "Thomas Mann's Dante and Weimar Humanism"

Gerhart Hoffmeister - "Adaptation as Acculturation: The Picaro's Rebirth as Schelm in German Literature"

Within Romanticism

Donelle R. Ruwe - "Charlotte Smith's Sublime: Feminine Poetics, Botany, and Beachy Head

Marjean D. Purinton - "Representations of the Irish in Romantic Drama"

Diane Long Hoeveler - "A Draught of Sweet Poison": Food, Love, and Wounds in Jane Eyre and Villette

Larry H. Peer - The Name and Nature of Romanticism Revisited


Franca Barricelli - Bibliography of the Writing of Jean-Pierre Barricelli

Prism(s) Volume 8 - 2000

Diane Long Hoeveler - "Fantasy, Trauma, and Gothic Daughters: Frankenstein as Therapy"

Terryl L. Givens - "'Adjectives of Mystery and Splendor:' Byron and Romantic Religiosity"

Didier Maleuvre - "Emerson on Patience"

Frederick L. Burwick - "Edgar Allen Poe: The Sublime and the Grotesque"

The Year's Work in Romanticism Studies

Prism(s)  Volume 9 - 2001

Richard Eldridge - "The Persistence of Romanticism"

Franca Barricelli - "The Tears and Terror of Foscolo's Tieste: Theatre and Politics in Republican Venice"

William S. Davis- "Coleridge's 'The Pains of Sleep': Philosophy, Poetry, Melancholy"

Jurg Meier - "Romantic Love as a Narrative Emotion in Jane Austen's Emma"

Diane Long Hoeveler - "A Reading of the Emotions of Salome: Sympathy for the Devil or Fear and Loathing"

Lloyd Davis - "'Home at Grasmere,' or Romantic Contentment"

Rodney Farnsworth- "Mothers, Children and the Other: Emotions about Children in Stael's Corinne and Austen's Sense and Sensibility"

Marjean D. Purinton - "Socialized and Medicalized Hysteria in Joanna Baillie's Witchcraft"

Didier Maleuvre - "The Heart of Kant's Ethics"

The Year's Work in Romanticism Studies

Prism(s) Volume 10 - 2002

Maxwell Wheeler - "Charlotte Smith's Historical Narratives and the English Subject"

John B. Fowles - "The Irony of the Romantic Reception of Weimar Classicism in Spain"

David N. Wright - "The Implications of Inheritance: Pound's Cantos and Wordsworth's Prelude"

The Year's Work in Romanticism Studies

Prism(s) Volume 11 - 2003

Eric Eisner - "The Cenci's Celebrity"

Douglas Harrison - "Narcissism, Apocalypse, and Shelley's Critique of Canonical History in 'Alastor'"

Éva Madeleine Martin - "Baudelaire's Swan Song to the Lyric: Temporality in Imagination's Ironic Creation"

Gabriele Dillmann - "'Wertherwirkung': Goethe's Suicidal Fantasies and Their Literary Manifestation"

The Year's Work in Romanticism Studies


Prism(s) Volume 12 - 2004

G. Todd Davis - "Bloodsucking Byron"

Carl H. Sederholm - "Hawthorne's Gray Tradition: Reading History and the Supernatural"

Jay A. Ward - "Byron and the Discourse of Celebrity"

Claire C. Black McCoy - "Stendhal's Michelangelo and the Discourse of Modern Sculpture"

Christopher R. Clason - "Chaotic Contours: The Discursive Shape of Hoffman's Kater Murr"

The Year's Work in Romanticism Studies


Prism(s) Volume 13 - 2005

Richard Berkeley - "The Anxiety of Pantheism: Hidden Dimensions of Coleridge's Transcendental Deduction"

Ricarda Vidal - "Man's Creation of Man: From the Cruel Nature of de Sade and Mary Shelley to F. T. Marinetti's Mechanical Son"

Jennifer Law-Sullivan - "Border Crossings as a Gateway to Border Dwellings: The Case of the Novelogue"

Eftychia Papanikolaou - "Romantic Border Crossing: The Case of the Symphonic Mass"

Henry H. H. Remak- "West European Romanticism:Definition and Scope"
          The Year's Work in Romanticism Studies

Prism(s) Volume 14 - 2006

Naji Oueijan, "Sexualizing the Orient"

Mads Nygaard Folkmann, "The Transfigurative Mode of Romantic Discourse"

Soren Steding, "Kleist and Silence"

H. G. Schenk, "The Revolt Against the Eighteenth Century"

Prism(s) Volume 15 (2007)

Frederick Burwick, "Romanticism as Cognitive Process"

Kari Lokke, "Stael's Enthusiasm and Eternity"

Richard Nanian, "Positive Ambiguity in Keats"

Rodney Farnsworth, "Romanticism Through Complexity Theory"

Eugene Stelzig, "Henry Crabb Robinson as Stael's Philosophical Informant"

Debbie Lee, "Lost Girls, Lost Women: Foundlings in the Art and Poetry of William Blake"

Richard Eldridge, "Poetic Closure, Romanticism, and Holderlin's Solution"

Prism(s) Volume 16 (2008)

Chriss Foss, "Poems as Hard as Canon-Balls: Exploring the Romantic Object of Study"

Gabriele Dillmann, "Suicidal Ideation in Karoline von Gunderrode's Life and Work"

D. B. Ruderman, "Romantic Objects in Coleridge and Erasmus Darwin"

Franca Barricelli, "Conflicting Operatic Identities: Verdi and 1840s Venice"

Saran Vandergrift Eldridge, "The Constituative Addressee in Holderlin and George"

Prism(s) Volume 17 (2009)

Morse Peckham, "The Dilemma of a Century: The Four Stages of Romanticism"

Herbert Lindenberger, "Theories of Romanticism: From a Theory of Genre to a Genre of Theory"

Heinrich Bosse, "The Marvelous and Romantic Semiotics"

Michael G. Cooke, "Romanticism and the Pradox of Wholeness"

James K. Chandler, "Romantic Allusiveness"

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