2005 ICR Conference

Romantic Metamorphoses and Transformations
The International Conference on Romanticism announces a conference boradly focused on the topic of transformation and metamorphosis in romantic texts from Britain, Continental Europe, Latin America, and North America. 20-minute papers will address various aspects of "transformation" in the literature, art, and science of the romantic era.
Possible specific approaches could include:
mutations, metamorphoses, transformations, permutations, transubstantiation, seduction, translation, flow, creation, conception, birth, death, materiality, spirituality, melding, blending, distortion and transformation of poetics and genre; religion as conversion, perversion, fall, or repentance; adaptation, co-option, and plagiarism; repetition, historical change, gender, engendering, childhood, unity, division, and Romanticism into and out of other discourses.
For further information, please visit:
Conference Website
or contact:
William Davis
Comparative Literature
Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO

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