"Romanticism and Its Other Discourses"

The Tenth Annual Conference of the International Conference on Romanticism

Milwaukee, WI - November 13-15, 2003

Conference Program


Conference Organizer:
Diane Long Hoeveler

Conference Assistants:
Amy Branam
Marcia Eppoch-Harris
Nancy Metzger
Mark Zunac 
Jacob Stratman

We would like to express our gratitude to the following for their financial support of the conference:

International Conference on Romanticism
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Marquette University Department of English
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Thursday November 13, 2003
Session 1: Gothicizing Medical/Scientific Discourses
Session 2: The Discourse of German Romanticism
Session 3: Blake's Bodily Discourses
Session 4: Intersecting Discourses
Session 5: Wollstonecraft-Shelley Connections
Session 6: Wordsworthian Discourses I
Session 7: Irish/Scottish Romanticism
Session 8: Topographical Discourses
Friday, November 14
Session 9: Pedagogical/Rhetorical Discourses
Session 10: Judaica and Discourses of Anti-Semitism
Session 11: Discourses of Romantic Economies
Session 12: E.T.A. Hoffmann
Session 13: Discourses of the Sublime
Session 14: American Romantic Discourse(s), I
Session 15: Walter Scott
Session 16: Rural Discourses
Session 17: Intersecting Discourses, II
Session 18: American Romanticism(s), II
Session 19: Intersecting Discourses, III
Session 20: Austen and Metatextual Discourses
Session 21: Revolutionary Discourses
Session 22: Wordsworthian Discourses, II
Session 23: Travel Discourses
Saturday, November 15
Session 24: Frankensteinian Discourses
Session 25: Byronic Discourses
Session 26: Religious Discourses
Session 27: Gothic Discourses
Session 28: Charlotte Smith
Session 29: Shelleyan Discourse
Session 30: Felicia Hemans and Gendered Discourses
Session 31: Gendering Discourse
Session 32: Wordsworthian Discourses, III
Session 33: Hellenism/The Sublime
Session 34: Plenary Panel


Thursday, November 13, 2003
8:00-3:30 Registration
Raynor Conference Center Lobby
John P. Raynor Library
13th and Wisconsin Avenues
Book Exhibits and refreshments in Lobby of Raynor Conference Center 
Rare Book Exhibit on 3rd floor of Raynor Library (Prucha Reading Room)

10:00-11:30 AM Panels

1. Gothicizing Medical/Scientific Discourses
Conference Center Room A

Mercy Cannon, University of Tennessee
"Bodies of Knowledge: Medical Discourse and The Mysteries of Udolpho"

Megan Muthupandiyan, Marquette University
"Death's Jest Book and 'Therapeutic Medicine'"

Marjean Purinton, Texas Tech University
"Romantic Drama and the Discourse of Criminality"

Moderator: Susan Allen Ford

2. The Discourse of German Romanticism(s)
Conference Center room B

Sonja E. Klocke, Indiana University
"Wackenroder (re-)visited: A Freudian Approach to his Artist Berlinger"

Nicholas Germana, Boston College
"Romanticizing National Identity: The 'Mythical Image' of India in Novalis' Semiotic and Political Theory"

Saskia Pieterse, Universiteit van Amsterdam
"Reading Romantic Novels as a Challenge for the Dutch Identity in the Nineteenth Century"

Moderator: John Curran

3. Blake's Bodily Discourses
Conference Center room C

Geoffrey Wright, University of Tulsa
"Resurfacing the Body: Blake's Re-Visions of the Miltonic Hero"

Russell Prather, Northern Michigan University
"The Fourfold Fruit: Embodiment and Immortality in Blake's The Four Zoas"

Jeffrey Longacre, University of Tulsa
"The Body in State: Discoursing the State of the Body in Blake's Jerusalem"

Moderator: Nancy Goslee

4. Intersecting Discourses I
Conference Room J

Jan Wellington, Utah Valley State College
"'Uncursed with Reason': Madness Envy in Romantic Poetry"

Brian Burns, Michigan State University
"Rosseau's Confessional Discourse as Autoethnography"

Matthias Rudolf, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Sublime Novelties: Poetic Practice and the Rhetoric of Discovery in Coleridge, Keats, Tennyson"

Moderator: Carolyn Weber

12:00-1:30 PM LUNCH
(on your own, or in AMU Union Lunda Room)

Thursday, 1:30-3:00 Panels

5. Wollstonecraft-Shelley Connections
Conference Room A

Conference Center Room A

Carolyn Weber, Seattle University
"The Second Soul-less Sex?: Mary Wollstonecraft and the Mahometan"

Robyn L. Schiffman, University of Chicago
"A Brief Epistolary History: Reading Werther in Britain"

Sharon M. Studenka, Central Michigan University
"The Veiled Poet Seeker: Shelley's Attempt to Define Lost Transcendence"

Annie S. Davis, Baylor University
"The Language of Trauma in Mary Shelley's The Last Man"

Moderator: Debra Ripley

6. Wordworthian Discourses I
Conference Room C

Ian Balfour, York University
"Genres Should Not Be Mixed: Epic, Autobiography and their Others in The Prelude"

Joshua Wilner, City College and the Gradutate Center - CUNY
"Experimental Prose and Reconfiguration of Incestuous Bonds: from the Grasmere Journal to Tender Buttons"

Moderator: Eugene Stelzig

7. Irish / Scottish Romanticism
Conference Room B

Nancy Moore Goslee, University of Tennessee
"Medieval Heroism and Modern History: William Wallace on the London Stage, 1820"

Stephen C. Behrendt, University of Nebraska
"A Double Sort of Other: Irish Women Romantic Poets"

Julie Kipp, Hope College
"Gender and Citizenship in the Romantic-era National Tale"

Moderator: Michael Patrick Gillespie

8. Topographical Discourses
Conference Room J

Paul Wiebe, Morehouse College
"The Topographical View: Wordsworth at Home and Abroad"

Dylan Krieg, University of Massachusetts
"Coleridge and the Ordnance Survey: The Politics and Poetics of Topographical Survey in the 1790s"

Julia Carlson, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
"Marks of Relief: The Aesthetic Empiricism of British Cartography"

Moderator: Rodney Farnsworth


Eugene Stelzig, SUNY-Geneseo, ICR President
"The Romantic Subject in Autobiography"

Raynor Conference Center Room B & C


Welcome by Dean Michael McKinney, College of Arts and Sciences



9:00-10:30 Panels

9. Pedagogical/Rhetorical Discourses
Conference Room A

Brian McGrath, Emory University
"Rousseau's Crusoe: A Reader's Performance"

Michelle Ruggaber Dougherty, Marquette University
"Geraldine's Use of Gendered Discourse in Coleridge's Christabel"

Maxine Morrin, Bergen Community College
"Classic Fairy Tales and the Teaching of English as a Second Language"

Moderator: Nancy Metzger

10. Judaica and Discourses of Anti-Semitism
Conference Room B

Sheila A. Spector
"The Discourse of Anti-Semitism: Burke and Paine"

Jason Michael Peck, University of Minnesota
"The Truth is Out There: German-Jewish Intellectuals and the Rhetoric of Transcendental Consciousness in the 1780s-90s"

Lloyd Davies, Western Kentucky University
"Aeolian Harp or Jewish Shofar: Hellenism and Hebraism in Shelley's 'Ode to the West Wind'"

Moderator: Geraldine Friedman

11. Discourses of Romantic Economies
Conference Room C

Alex Dick, University of British Columbia
"Romanticism and the Gold Standard"

Matthew Rowlinson, University of Western Ontario
"Keats and the Labor Theory of Value"

Moderator: Jay Ward

Friday, 10:45-12:15 Panels

12. E. T. A. Hoffmann
Conference Room A

Gabriele Dillman, Denison University
"Romantic Psychiatric Discourse and Hoffmann's The Mines of Falun"

Kevin Yee, Duke University
"E.T.A. Hoffmann's Mines of Falun: A Family Affair"

Chris Clason, Oakland University
"Chaotic Contours: The Discursive Shape of Hoffmann's Kater Murr"

Moderator: William Davis

13. Discourses of the Sublime
Conference Room B

David Urban, Princeton University
"Speaking Matter and the Incorporation of Language in Burke's Philosophical Enquiry"

Erin M. Goss, Emory University
"Blake's 'bounding line' and the Revelation of the Particular"

Onita Vaz, University of Southern California
"Half-asleep on Thresholds: Fragiles Boundaries in Coleridge's 'Fears in Solitude'"

Moderator: Joshua Wilner

14. American Romantic Discourse(s), I
Conference Room C

Tatiana V. Barnett-Kabanova, Yale University
"The Heart of Nature, or The Nature of Heart?: Thornton Wilder on Henry Thoreau and the Romantic Idea of Nature"

Sohui Lee, Stanford University
"'Earth has stood aghast': Bryant's Rhetoric of Nature and Revolution"

Angela Sorby, Marquette University
"'Hiawatha's Republic of Letters"

Moderator: Angela Sorby

15. Walter Scott
Conference Room J

Rick Incorvati, Wittenberg University
"Sympathy and the Social Order in Scott's Waverley"

Bonnie J. Gunzenhauser, Roosevelt University
"Readerly Agency and the Discourse of History in Scott's The Antiquary"

Colin Marlaire, Marquette University
"A Voice Within a Voice: Dialogic Discourse in Scott's The Bride of Lammermoor"

Paul Westover, Indiana University
"The Lockean Inheritance in Scott's Redgauntlet: Equivocation 'in the Way of Business"

Moderator: Alan Richardson

12:15-1:30 Lunch (on your own)

Executive Board Meeting for ICR Officers and Prisms editorial board
Lunda Room (AMU 2nd floor)

Friday, November 14, 2003 1:30-3:00 Panels

16. Rural Discourses
Conference Room A

Deborah Maltby, University of Missouri-Kansas City
"Rural Discourses: William Barnes and Plebian Romanticism"

Theresa Adams, Westminster College
"'Meet the Neighboring Rustics': John Clare and Anthropological Discourse"

Geraldine Friedman, Purdue University
"Siting Women's Sexuality: The Ladies of Llangollen and the Construction of Place"

Moderator: Alex Dick

17. Intersecting Discourses, II
Conference Room B

Daniel Shierenbeck, Central Missouri State University
"Providence and Political Economy in Jane West's A Tale of the Times"

Dana Van Kooy, University of Colorado
"Dramatic Dissent and Specular Ideology: Joanna Baillie's Tryal of Sublime and Ridiculous Reform"

Emily Bernhard Jackson, Brandeis University
"Swimming Circles around Leander: The Source of Byron's Written after Swimming from sestos to Abydos"

Ken A. Bugajski, Rogers State University
"Editing and Noting: The Texts of Leigh Hunt's Literary Life"

Moderator: Julie Kipp

18. American Romanticism(s), II
Conference Room C

Joel Pace, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
"Transatlantic Gothic: Wordsworth, Poe, Hawthorne, and Chesnutt"

Terri Pyle, University of Central Florida
"Poe and the Romantic Hero"

Amy Branam, Marquette University
"An American Romantic Playwright: Poe"

Moderator: Ronald Bieganowski, S.J.

19. Intersecting Discourses, III
Conference Room J

Markus Wilczek, Johns Hopkins University
"The Persuasio of Screaming from Lessing to Nietzsche"

William Davis, Colorado College
"On Manly Idealisms: Fichte vs. Schelling"

Claire Black McCoy, Longwood University
"Stendhal's Michelangelo and the Discourse of Modern Sculpture"

Moderator: Larry Peer

Friday, November 14, 2003 3:15- 4:45 Panels

20. Austen and Metatextual Discourses
Conference Room A

Robert Anderson, Oakland University
"The Retailing of Information in Smith's Desmond and Austen's Sense and Sensibility"

Laura George, Eastern Michigan University
"'Do you understand Muslin, sir?': The Craze for Muslin and Fashion Discourse in Northanger Abbey"

Susan Allen Ford, Delta State University
"The Reformation of Charles Bingley: Pride and Prejudice and The Children of the Abbey"

Moderator: Jocelyne Kolb

21. Revolutionary Discourses
Conference Room B

Jonathan F. Ewell, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Burke, Paine, and the Body of Rights: Figurative Politics in the French Revolution Debate"

Deborah Elise White, Emory University
"Victor Hugo's '93: The Specter of the Date"

Rodney Farnsworth, Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne University
"Talleyrand and the Romantic: Diplomatic Discourse as Text"

Moderator: Julius Ruff

22. Wordsworthian Discourses, II
Conference Room C

Wing Sze Leung, University of Chicago
"To feel is to judge: Rousseau's influence on Kant and Wordsworth"

Hyun Sohn, SUNY-Buffalo
"The Real of 'Splitting the Race of Man in Twain' in Wordsworth's London"

Brad Sullivan, Western New England College
"Wordsworth and the Powers of 'Pleasure': Intersecting Discourses of Natural Philosophy, Art, and Rhetoric in the Preface to Lyrical Ballads"

Moderator: Russell Prather

23. Travel Discourses
Conference Room J

Elizabeth Mjelde, De Anza College
"The Colonialist Picturesque, or, Gilpin in Sri Lanka"

Joselyn M. Almeida, Boston University
"José Blanco White and the Making of Anglo-Hispanic Romanticism"

Marita Mathijsen-Verkooijen, Universiteit van Amsterdam
"The Construction of the Dutch Literary Past: Ordering, Evaluating, and Representing the National Literary Heritage of the Nineteenth Century"

Moderator: Sheila Spector




9th and Wisconsin Avenues - Music provided by The Broderie Recorder Consort
Presentation of the Lore Metzger Prize for Best Graduate Paper Read at the Conference by Marjean Purinton, Chair, Metzger Selection Committee
Presentation of Jean-Pierre Barricelli Prize for Best Book (2002) awarded to Ian Balfour (York University--Toronto) for his The Rhetoric of Romantic Prophecy (Stanford University Press )



Saturday, November 15, 2003

9:00-10:30 Panels

24. Frankensteinian Discourses
Conference Room A

Jennifer Zimmerman, University of South Dakota
"Coding the Other: The Monster as Oriental in Frankenstein"

K. Merinda Simmons, University of Alabama
"Slavery's Suitcases: Traveling Otherness in Frankenstein and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

Barbara Witucki, Utica College
"Frankenstein's Ship of State"

Jacob Stratman, Marquette University
"The Creature's Education and the Discourse of Suicide: A Closer Look at Young Werther"

Moderator: Amy Branam

25. Byronic Discourses
Conference Room J

D. L. Macdonald, University of Calgary
"Byron and Manfred: Epistolary Journal into Dramatic Poem"

Matthew Squires, Brigham Young University
"'The Injustice of the Noble Lord': Byron's Social Energy"

Jay A. Ward, Thiel College
"Byron and the Discourse of Celebrity"

Moderator: Jeffrey Cass

26. Religious Discourses
Conference Room B

Stephen Schloesser, S.J., Boston College
"'Too many notes': Roman(tic) Catholicism's Invention of the Sacred"

David Gerard Jurkiewicz, University of Tulsa
"Religious Language in Byron's The Island"

Larry Peer, Brigham Young University
"Religious Meta-language in Anne Brontë's Agnes Grey"

Mark Lussier, Arizona State University
"The Four Noble Truths of Romanticism and Buddhism"

Moderator: Michelle Ruggaber Dougherty

27. Gothic Discourses
Conference Room C

Maria Purves, University of York
"The Gothic Convent as a Disimprisoning Space"

Elizabeth Whitney, University of Maryland
"Abjection in Charlotte Dacre's Zofloya"

Nowell Marshall, Arizona State University
"Byronic Gothicism: Romantic Discourse and the 'Male' Gothic Tradition"

Moderator: Marjean Purinton

Saturday, November 15, 2003 10:45-12:15 Panels

28. Charlotte Smith
Conference Room A

Chris Flynn, University of Nebraska
"Smith's Emigrants and Sympathy's Darker Side"

Maxwell Wheeler, Barry University
"Smith and English Anti-Catholicism"

Nancy Metzger, Marquette University
"Constructing a Poetics of Space for the Sentimental: The Old Manor House"

Stephen Bernstein, University of Michigan-Flint
"Talking about the Weather: Crisis Historiography and Historiographic Crisis in The Emigrants"

Moderator: Colin Marlaire

29. Shelleyan Discourse
Conference Room B

Craig Franson, University of Oregon
"'Do not thus': Writing the Body 'Human' in Shelley's The Mask of Anarchy"

Spencer Hall, Rhode Island College
"Shelley and the High-Romantic Discourse of Embodiment"

Mai-Lin Cheng, University of California-Berkeley
"Forms of Dissatisfaction: Story, Poem, Shelley"

Moderator: Edward Duffy

30. Felicia Hemans and Gendered Discourses
Conference Room C

Jeffrey Cass, Texas A&M International University
"Ithuriel's Spear and Detecting the Counterfeit: Edgeworth's Miltonic Allusions in Belinda"

Kari Lokke, University of California-Davis
"Parting Songs: Hemans, Landon, and Barrett Browning Rewrite Frederike Brun"

Scott Simpkins, North Texas State University
"Talking Like a Man in Hemans's The Siege of Valencia"

Moderator: Nick Germana

Saturday, November 15, 2003 1:30-3:00 Panels

31. Gendering Discourse
Conference Room C

Mark Zunac, Marquette University
"Conflicted Ideologies: Loyalist Gothic and Sophia Lee's The Recess"

Julie A. Shaffer, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
"Misrule, Revolution and Reform in Laetitia Matilda Hawkin's Heraline"

Catherine Kalish, Marquette University
"The Opium Eater and the Artist: The Mimetic Relationship of DeQuincey and Woolf's To the Lighthouse"

Moderator: Scott Simpkins

32. Wordsworthian Discourses, III
Conference Room B

David Sassian, CUNY
"'The Gentlest of All Gentle Things': On Dorothy Wordsworth's Grasmere Journals"

Pamela Buck, Tufts University
"Spots of Time Past: French Revolutionary Souvenirs in Dorothy Wordsworth's Journal of a Tour on the Continent (1820)"

Evan Radcliffe, Villanova University
"Wordsworth's The Borderers, the French Revolution, and the Languages of Justice and Benevolence"

Moderator: Spencer Hall

33. Hellenism/The Sublime
Conference Room A

Jonathan Sachs, University of Chicago
"Romanticism and the Discourses of Rome"

Richard Nanian, George Mason University
"Pursuing the Plerotic Sublime: Romantic Poetry and the Failure of Language"

Christopher A. Strathman, Baylor University
"Fragmentary Poetics and the Post-Enlightenment Religious Crisis"

Richard Berkeley, Australian National University
"Evolutionary Divinity and the Problem of Evil: Coleridge's Entrapment in the Language of the Transcendental"

Moderator: Ken Bugajski

34. 3:30-4:45 Plenary Panel (Room B & C)


DAVID L. CLARK, MCMASTER UNIVERSITY, HAMILTON, CANADA (also Ruth N. Halls Visiting Scholar at UW-Madison)

Moderator: Mark Lussier


7:00 Saturday, November 15, 2003
Choral Reading of Thomas Holcroft's A Tale of Mystery
Eric Ness, Director and Organist
Dedicated to the memory of Bill Richey


Location: St. Joan of Arc Chapel

Introduction and Coda: Diane Long Hoeveler, "A Tale of Mystery as Nascent Melodrama"



O there is nothing like fine weather,

and health, and Books, and a

fine country, and a contented mind,

and Diligent habit of reading

and thinking, and an

amulet against the ennui.

--John Keats




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