Executive Board Members

President: Jennifer Davis Michael, University of the South
Executive Director: Larry H. Peer, Brigham Young University
Advisory Board:
Lloyd Davies, Western Kentucky University
James H. Donelan, University of California, Santa Barbara
Richard Eldridge, Swarthmore College
Cassandra Falke, Norges Arktiske Universitet
Hollie Markland Harder, Brandeis University
Jennifer Law-Sullivan, Oakland University
ex officio, Alan Vardy
student representative, Matthew Kershaw

Scholarly Journal

Twenty-three years ago a dozen scholars from several countries got together and formed the International Conference on Romanticism. Along with annual meetings, establishing academic prizes, and cultivating a spirit of humane cooperation, mutual support, and cross linguistic/interdisciplinary work, the new organization created a plan for publishing a new journal that would reflect its goals and values. Prism(s): Essays in Romanticism was a success from the first. Contributions and editorial help from around the world, reflecting a membership that has drawn from every continent and from almost thirty countries, marked its seventeen year run. Now the ICR is happy to see the journal enter a new phase, with a new editor, new name, and new editorial board. We look forward to this next phase, anticipating that the work of Alan Vardy and his colleagues will continue to reflect, and even enhance, the long-held values of our organization. As has always been the case, members of the ICR will receive a copy of the new journal with annual dues.